Bite Spotlight: Whatcom Educational Credit Union

We would not be able to put on the Bite of Bellingham without the support of our wonderful sponsors. Today our intern Demi Cavanaugh is highlighting proud sponsor Whatcom Educational Credit Union.






The Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU) is a nonprofit financial cooperative that encourages its members to save and borrow responsibly. Since 1936, WECU has been serving Whatcom County, and they continually strive to be a socially responsible component of our community as well as to be one of the county’s employers of choice.

WECU is committed to serving the needs of our community by promoting education, health, and community concerns through quarterly donations. In addition, WECU employees participate in an array of sweat equity projects including maintenance of the Bellingham South Bay Trail and Habitat for Humanity landscaping.

WECU’s tax-exempt status allows them to give back to their members in a number of ways including offering the lowest over-draft fee in Whatcom County, lower interest rates, and above-market savings.

At WECU, members are more than just an account number and that is reflected in the quality of products and services they have provided for almost 80 years.

Visit for more information.

Bite Spotlight: First Federal Bank

We would not be able to put on the Bite of Bellingham without the support of our wonderful sponsors. Today our intern Tina Thatch is highlighting proud sponsor First Federal Bank.

Federal Bank

First Federal first opened their doors in 1923 and to this day, they have set the standard for excellence in Community Banking. They have committed in knowing their customers and communities in order to provide them with innovative solutions that help meet customers’ financial goals and their dreams. They deliver the best banking experience anywhere with a “hometown” touch, and today they are nine counties strong serving Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, and a lending center in Whatcom County.

Their vision is that through service, leadership, and strong financial performance, their resources will work in strengthening communities and supporting local business. They also deliver banking services that support customer convenience and choice. First Federal has developed and retained phenomenal talent who love their jobs and love where they live.

The core values that First Federal goes by are:

Community: With a deep sense of appreciation and responsibility to the communities they serve, they work towards improving the life and experience of others through their contributions and volunteer activities.

Excellence: They take personal ownership in their company and its future success, and are willing to put their full heart and mind into being the best.

Collaboration: Recognizing that they are stronger and more effective when they work together, they actively foster healthy internal and external partnerships to accomplish their mission.

Integrity: They are committed to honesty, respect, fairness and straightforwardness in their communication and conduct, so that they can earn the trust and confidence of the community and take pride in where they work.

Accountability: They take individual responsibility for meeting and exceeding professional and ethical standards for employee and customer relations, fiscal management and operational soundness.

To find more information about First Federal, please check out their website at:

Or Facebook:



Teaser Trailer: Bite of Bellingham 2014

Today’s blog post is written by our intern, Sam Sunderland. Sam’s a student at Western Washington University studying Journalism.


September 14th is fast approaching, which means you’re that much closer to tasting all your favorite local restaurants and food trucks at the 2014 Bite of Bellingham. Where and when else can you find more than 25 delicious food stops all in one location with bite-sized portions of their most popular menu items? Depot Market Square on September 14, from noon to 4 p.m. is the only answer we will accept! To name drop for a second—Boundary Bay, Rock and Rye Oyster House, and Pure Bliss Desserts will all be there, and of course many more.BoundaryBay

Menu items that we are salivating over this week include:

Gluten free, Dungeness crab and avocado ceviche from Panasia inside the Silver Reef Casino. For two tickets you can try this fresh dish (even the gluten intolerant, yay!).

For three tickets you can bite into a bite sized BBQ pulled pork quesadilla with cheddar cheese and slaw on a garlic herb tortilla from Leaf and Ladle.

Thirsty? Head over to Bayou on Bay’s booth for house-made black cherry and rosemary infused lemonade, only one ticket!Silver_Reef_Bite

If you have one ticket left at this time, look no further than Evolve Chocolates (but also the Downtown Bellingham Partnership’s booth because you can buy more tickets!). For one ticket at Evolve you have plenty of rich and chocolaty options from a cocoa wasabi truffle to an organic 85% dark chocolate truffle known as “The Colombian” made with coffee, blackberry and maple!

Curious to see who all is going to be at the Bite of Bellingham this year? Visit our website to see the full list of all our vendors! 

2014 Downtown Sounds!

Can you believe it? After 5 shows, 10 bands, 1 rainy Wednesday, and thousands of pints, Downtown Sounds is over. All of us at the Partnership had a great time putting on this annual event, and hope you loved it as much as we did! Here are some of our favorite shots to remember the best year in Downtown Sounds history.

All of these photos are from staff and our Facebook fans. Have some great shots of your own? Send them to to be featured!Bayou

Sounds Crowd--Instagram


DonateEdMarch FourthPatrick & LindseyCrowd SurfMt. Baker AptsPublish the QuestToni & Guypuppy

Interview with Voyager

This week’s interview is written by our intern, Sam Sunderland. Sam’s a student at Western Washington University studying Journalism. 

Come rock out with us for the FINAL Downtown Sounds concert today at 6 p.m. in the 1300 block of Bay Street. The Trees: A Rush Tribute will get the crowd pumped and ready for the crazy antics of Voyager, set to take the stage a little after 7 p.m. and rock the night away…or at least until 9:30 p.m. If your spandex and leather is stowed away in some box marked 1989, don’t worry, Toni and Guy stylists will be standing by providing free mohawks and mullets (see David Bowie in the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust for further inspiration). As far as wining and dining goes, Boundary Bay beer and great food vendors will all be there to tempt your taste buds. See you at 6! For now, read the interview below for the best Voyager tip to date (see their Facebook) and what you can expect at the show.

VoyagerWhat’s Voyager’s favorite song or artist to cover?

Based on our setlist it would have to be Motley Crue. Their music does something to us as well as the audience. Van Halen and Guns N Roses are also heavy favorites. There is also something about playing the song Kix Cold Blood (YouTube it right now) in front of unsuspecting audiences that really gets us going.
What/who influences Voyager the most as artists?

As performers we are influenced by the things that make for great performances. Over the top, brazen, and transcendent people, places, and things. David Lee Roth. Put the fun, the carefree, the risk, the sin, the whiskey, and the heartbreak in a blender and out comes the spirit of 80s rock. Out comes Voyager.

What’s the best thing about performing live?

Playing these songs for people is an exercise in the absurd. Whether it’s for people reliving their glory years, or a mostly unaware young generation it’s always a million degrees of heat blasting in both directions from the stage to the audience. It’s energetic, loud, out of control and like all good things in life it’s addicting. A common theme of our live shows is people coming that really have no idea what 80s rock is or what it’s about and they leave as fans—not necessarily of us specifically but of the music. That is our purpose. And even though it’s our job to act like it’s not, it’s a truly humbling experience. 

What are Voyager’s plans for the rest of summer?

Guilt-free day drinking, babes, partying, and being unreasonably loud. Voyager 2
What can we expect to see and hear at your show August 6th?

You will see a large group of Bellingham faithful being reminded why the 80s was the best era in all of music history. Smiles, dancing, hands in the air, a mass exultation really. At the end of the day we just want you all to love this music as much as we do. This will be a celebration and a homage. 80s rock lives.

What is your ultimate “Voyager tip”?

Try not to constantly worry about the state of your own happiness. Once you do that you have mentally jumped the shark. Focus on good times, good deeds, good beer, good music and good people. Take none of that for granted in the face of doubt over the future, relationships, death or taxes. Shrug, do a “Roth Scream” and be the party because you are. In summary, listen to Van Halen like it came out yesterday.

Sounds Spotlight: Chrysalis Inn and Spa

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor Chrysalis Inn and Spa.

ChrysalisIf you missed out on the superb five minute free massages offered by Chrysalis Inn and Spa during last week’s Downtown Sounds show, don’t fret! Thankfully, the Chrysalis Inn and Spa is conveniently located at 804 10th Street in Fairhaven, right next to the Taylor Dock at Boulevard Park.  Stop by the Spa for a facial or deep tissue massage next time you’re in need of some relaxation and you will not regret it, we promise!

The Chrysalis Inn isn’t just massages and pampering, they also have deluxe rooms, luxury king suites with waterfront views. Their tasty restaurant, Keenan’s at the Pier, offers happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Group meeting spaces are also available for reservations as well as a deck and lobby for weddings, parties and other events! Head over to the Inn and Spa’s website to start de-stressing and rejuvenating today.

Follow the Chrysalis Inn and Spa on Facebook and Twitter today!

Sounds Spotlight: Sanitary Services Company

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor Sanitary Services Company.SSC Logo

The family-operated Sanitary Service Company (SSC) has been collecting and transporting Whatcom County’s waste and recycling since 1929. Dedicated to serving the surrounding community, SSC participates in many local events by donating their large waste receptacles to be used by the public. Downtown Sounds would not be so clean if it weren’t for the use of SSC’s waste and recycling totes, generously donated to the event!

SSC is also a proud business member of Sustainable Connections and winner of multiple awards from the Washington Refuse & Recycling Association, the Whatcom Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington State Recycling Association. Awards include 2012 Green Business of the Year, the 2007 Sustainable Business of the Year and the 2006 Recycler of the Year.

SSCSSC offers a full-line of roll-off containers, portable storage containers, confidential data shredding, portable toilets and washstands for any business or personal needs. Other than waste and recycling collection, SSC also provides its customers with junk hauling, hazardous waste collection, lighting recycling and electronic recycling among other services. For more information check out SSC’s website, Facebook, or give them a call at 360-734-2051.

Interview with Publish the Quest

This week’s interview is written by our intern, Sam Sunderland. Sam’s a student at Western Washington University studying Journalism. 

Come join us today for the return of SUNSHINE and local tunes in the 1300 block of Bay Street. Opening the show at 6 p.m. is 3 on the Tree, a Bellingham based three-piece jam band sure to bring the funk. After 7 p.m. expect more awesome sounds from Seattle group Publish the Quest. As usual, enjoy Boundary Bay beer in the beverage garden or soak up the sun and sounds as you munch on a variety of treats from our food vendors. Bring your whole family downtown this week for the 10th annual Downtown Sounds, it’s fun and free!

Publish the QuestBack from traveling the world and fresh off the release of their new album, “A Thousand Kinds of Gold,” Publish the Quest is just the sort of inspiration we love to see here in Bellingham.  After traveling to Africa to perform, Publish the Quest decided to take on another endeavor; a documentary film, three years in the making. Today, expect to dance and groove to their funky melodies, for now here’s the latest about Publish the Quest.

How would you describe Publish the Quest’s sound?

Always the hardest question… I think about it like its Pop music, in the regards that most of the songs are a little over 3 minutes long, and have intro’s and outro’s, and melodies that get stuck in your head. There is often a lot of words, and usually in the form of a story.  But there is certainly many influences. Some that seem the most obvious to me are Funk, and Folk, and Hip Hop, and on the new album definitely African inspired melodies. 

You recently released a third album, what’s next for Publish the Quest?

We are working on finishing the post production on a documentary film that takes place in Zimbabwe called ‘The Truth About 99 Cents.’ 

There’s a film in the works for Publish the Quest? Can you give us some details?

Yes there is, and it has been (personally) consuming my life for the past 3 years. It has taken the band back to Zimbabwe 3 times, and me a couple more than that. It is about a collaboration between Publish the Quest, and a bunch of unbelievably talented musicians in Zim, Legends, the up and comers, and some very talented girls that live at one of the many orphanages there. The conversations in the film about music are extremely rich, and the recordings and performances that take place are super special… I am hoping that it will tell the story clearly to those that stumble on it of passion, the power of sharing, and the positive force that music can be on young people that need a way to express and engage with their communities and society.

Publish the Quest has had the opportunity to play at some pretty cool international shows, what has that been like?

It has been life changing. The collaborations and friendships that have come out of the trips we have made to (in Particular) Zimbabwe and Cape Verde are still growing and blossoming, and it has allowed (I know I speak for everyone) us to access music within ourselves that is on a deeper level of honesty and creativity. 

What have you all been listening to lately?

Oliver Mtukudzi, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Nneka, and a Re-mix album called ‘UFO’s over Bamako’ by Vieux Farka Toure. 

What are a few things, people or places that influence your music?

Needs, injustices, love, Zimbabwe, Mali, Seasons in the Northwest, friends.








Sounds Spotlight: Northern Lights Gardening

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor Northern Lights Gardening.

northern-lightsGreen thumb? Northern Lights Gardening, Whatcom and Skagit County’s premier indoor gardening and hydroponic store, will fulfill all your indoor gardening needs. Northern Lights Gardening carries all major brands of hydroponic nutrients and indoor growing equipment, with more than 4,000 items in store. Northern Lights prides themselves in customer service, great products, and great information.

Visit Northern Lights Gardening in Bellingham at 4159 Hannegan Road and in Mount Vernon at 1524 Riverside Drive.  For more information or to purchase Northern Lights’ products online visit their website at or their Facebook page.

Sounds Spotlight: Woods Coffee

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Emily Willeman is highlighting proud sponsor Woods Coffee.

Woods Coffee Logo

This local chain, with 14 locations in Whatcom County, is one of the best-known coffee shops in the area for a good reason – delicious drinks and treats! Specially-trained baristas make every cup of coffee to meet Woods’ high standards and serve pastries like peach-and-vanilla bean scones and berry cream-cheese muffins.

Woods is also serving quiches, which are made by hand and with all-natural ingredients. Try a broccoli-cheddar quiche or a tomato-basil quiche along with your freshly-brewed tea or coffee. Web food

For the first time ever, Woods’ coffee is roasted in-house! Pick up a bag of beans to use at home or enjoy the taste of a cup in-store. Roasts include the signature Woods Blend, Brown Bear, Swiss Water Decaf and Viking Blend.

Become a fan on Facebook and visit one of their locations today!