Sounds Spotlight: Northern Lights Gardening

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor Northern Lights Gardening.

northern-lightsGreen thumb? Northern Lights Gardening, Whatcom and Skagit County’s premier indoor gardening and hydroponic store, will fulfill all your indoor gardening needs. Northern Lights Gardening carries all major brands of hydroponic nutrients and indoor growing equipment, with more than 4,000 items in store. Northern Lights prides themselves in customer service, great products, and great information.

Visit Northern Lights Gardening in Bellingham at 4159 Hannegan Road and in Mount Vernon at 1524 Riverside Drive.  For more information or to purchase Northern Lights’ products online visit their website at or their Facebook page.

Sounds Spotlight: Woods Coffee

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Emily Willeman is highlighting proud sponsor Woods Coffee.

Woods Coffee Logo

This local chain, with 14 locations in Whatcom County, is one of the best-known coffee shops in the area for a good reason – delicious drinks and treats! Specially-trained baristas make every cup of coffee to meet Woods’ high standards and serve pastries like peach-and-vanilla bean scones and berry cream-cheese muffins.

Woods is also serving quiches, which are made by hand and with all-natural ingredients. Try a broccoli-cheddar quiche or a tomato-basil quiche along with your freshly-brewed tea or coffee. Web food

For the first time ever, Woods’ coffee is roasted in-house! Pick up a bag of beans to use at home or enjoy the taste of a cup in-store. Roasts include the signature Woods Blend, Brown Bear, Swiss Water Decaf and Viking Blend.

Become a fan on Facebook and visit one of their locations today!

Sounds Spotlight: Industrial Credit Union

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Emily Willeman is highlighting proud sponsor Industrial Credit Union.

ICU logoThe Industrial Credit Union has been serving Bellingham residents since it began in 1941 as a service for the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company, ICU now has grown to serve anyone who lives or works in Washington state. More than 20,000 people in the greater Whatcom County choose ICU as their credit union now, proof that ICU is still a staple of Bellingham’s community, even more than 70 years later.

The Industrial Credit Union places a huge emphasis on putting their members first, staying sustainable and working to keep the area’s community strong. ICU’s “people before profit” philosophy rings true with their attention to staying not-for-profit and maintaining their great relationship with their members. ICU Front

ICU offers both savings and checking accounts, deposit insurance, loans for automobiles and RVs, personal loans and mortgages, banking for both individuals and businesses, mobile banking, service charge-free ATMs and more.

Make sure to visit their website and Facebook!

Interview with Polecat

This week’s interview is written by our intern, Sam Sunderland. Sam’s a student at Western Washington University studying Journalism. 


Polecat headlines today’s Downtown Sounds concert, with opener Hillstomp taking the stage at 6 p.m.  Prepare yourself for a high-energy show starting with Portland blues duo Hillstomp, as they jam out on homemade instruments crafted from sturdy buckets and cans. Next, prepare your ears and dancing hips for the sounds of Bellingham-grown bluegrass and roots music when Polecat takes the stage just after 7 p.m. It’s all happening today in the 1300 block of Bay Street. So come join us for FREE music, Boundary Bay beer, and local food!

What’s Polecat up to the rest of the summer? Find out in the interview below!

How did you all meet?

We all met in Bellingham. Aaron stitched us all together from various groups we were a part of at the time (2010). Collectively we all met for the first time at our first rehearsal.

Who are you listening to right now?

As a band we listen to a lot of Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon and Gypsy Kings. Our tastes range anywhere from Adult Contemporary (Michael Bolton, Enya) to progressive metal (Katatonia, Haken).

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

We will be doing a lot of west coast touring and hitting some really fun festivals (4 peaks music festival, subdued Stringband jamboree, northwest string summit) among others.

Who is your favorite band to perform with live?

We have so many bands that we would consider favorites, but the three that rank the highest are probably Seattle’s Afro-funk Polyrhythmics, Portland rock outfit Fruition and Tahoe’s Dead Winter Carpenters. It’s a long list though.

This will be your fourth time playing at Downtown Sounds, what is your favorite part of the concert series?

It’s outdoor, free, all ages and organized by Lindsey. It’s one of our favorites every year.

Check out Hillstomp and Polecat here!

Sounds Spotlight: Kickstart Law

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor Kickstart Law.


Kickstart Law is a Bellingham-based law firm dedicated to providing the most practical and affordable legal advice to small business owners and startups in Washington State and British Columbia.  Dedicated to giving customers the most bang for their buck, Kickstart bases its fees on the value its services add to your business.

With two office locations on either side of the border, Kickstart Law also specializes in cross-border business advice to those in the U.S and Canada. Utilizing “Cloud” software, Kickstart allows clients to access their files and communicate with staff via their online legal services.

Follow them on Facebook and visit Kickstart Law today in the Herald Building at 1155 North State Street.

Sounds Spotlight: Wild Buffalo

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor the Wild Buffalo House of Music.
Delhi 2 Dublin - Wild Buffalo Bellingham 277rThe Wild Buffalo House of Music, located in the heart of downtown at 208 W Holly, has been bringing the people of Bellingham what they want since 1998: music! This summer, the stage at the Wild Buffalo will host its fair share of talented acts like Mia Dyson on July 17, Bubba Sparxxx on July 26, the Soul Rebels and Snug Harbor on August 2, Gregory Alan Isakov on August 3, and Soulja Boy on August 11, just to name a few! For the full list check out the Buffalo’s calendar here.

Wild Out Wednesday will also continue through the summer with reggae, hip hop and dubstep music, every Wednesday featuring the Blessed Coast Soundsystem. Students macklemore-the-town-live-at-theget in for free with student ID before 10:30 p.m., after that the cover is $3. So head over to the Wild Buffalo and dance your heart out this summer to some of the best live music in Bellingham.

Follow the Wild Buffalo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(The Wild Buffalo is a 21+ establishment)

Interview with The Prime Time Band

This week’s interview is written by our intern, Sam Sunderland. Sam’s a student at Western Washington University studying Journalism. 

PrimeTimeBandHeadlining the second concert of the Downtown Sounds concert series is The Prime Time Band with opening act The Austerman File. If you’ve been yearning for some melodic doo-boppers to serenade you with soul music on a summer night, or have heard a lot of jazz over the The Prime Time Band, this Wednesday is your last opportunity to see them live in concert. I repeat, THIS IS THE PRIME TIME BAND’S LAST SHOW! So it’s now or never folks, come join us this Wednesday at 6 p.m. for free music, Boundary Bay beer and the tastiest local food vendors. Bring your friends, water and sunscreen – it’s going to be a scorcher! Funk, reggae and blues band Austerman File is on at 6 p.m., then The Prime Time Band takes the stage after 7 p.m. in the 1300 block of Bay Street. I interviewed Jonathan Gipaya of The Prime Time Band to chat about their band, history, and inspirations.

What has been your favorite show to perform at so far?

My favorite show so far was actually the 2012 Downtown Sounds show. It’s great seeing Bellingham get down to some of our music and it’s great that it was available to the public. We had a great turnout and response and we’re hoping it’s the same or even better for this year’s show. My band loved that show, but I’ll also include our Stevie Wonder tribute, our Michael Jackson tribute and our last show at the Wild Buffalo.

Who are your favorite artists to cover?

Our favorite artists to cover are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Allen Stone. Just to name a few!

Is it true your last show together is at Downtown Sounds, what will happen after for you all?

Yes, it’s true. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now and it has been quite the journey. I don’t even consider us a band anymore. We’re family. Knowing that we’re family, we’ll always keep in touch and in some form or another, I’m sure we’ll continue to play music together in different groups, but not as The Prime Time Band anymore. We’ve gone separate ways and have moved to different parts of the state as well as the country. Most of us have graduated from WWU and are pursuing careers in music, acting, photography, etc.

Favorite place to eat in Bellingham?

Oh man. I think the restaurant we’ve eaten at the most as a band is Bayou on Bay. Can’t beat their soul food, especially when we’re performing soul music later that night down the street at the Wild Buffalo. We love grabbing beers at Boundary Bay and will get Pel Meni’s after shows too.

Who are you listening to right now?

I’m a fan of the classics. I will always listen to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Amy Winehouse. Someone I will continue to listen and study is the music of Quincy Jones, my musical hero. But I also enjoy some newer, younger musicians on the scene too. A couple of my favorite that I’m listening to are Allen Stone, Emily King, Justin Timberlake, Ben L’oncle Soul, just to name a few.

Al Green or Marvin Gaye?

Oh no you didn’t ask me this question! I love both artists. They are both geniuses in their own right. Marvin has one of the smoothest voices ever. I’ve been a huge fan of his music since an early age. He definitely has his classics beginning at his early career with Motown and all the way throughout his career. But I’m going to go with Al Green. I have a history of listening to Al Green’s entire anthology with my Dad and my brother (who’s one of the singers in The Prime Time Band). I have fond memories of long road trips listening to the soulful Al Green and singing along to songs such as: “Let’s Stay Together,” “Love and Happiness,” “Belle,” “Take Me to the River.” Both are legendary musicians, but it’s also about the memories you create from listening to their songs.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and to check out their promo video for Downtown Sounds!

Sounds Spotlight: Logos Bible Software

LogosverticalWe would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Sam Sunderland is highlighting proud sponsor Logos Bible Software.

Headquartered in the heart of Bellingham, Logos Bible Software has been creating electronically accessible Bible study tools and resources since 1992. Logos, residing in 5 buildings in downtown Bellingham, proudly holds the title as the world’s leading producer of Bible software.

Logos has inventively created Christian-oriented products for modernly inclined users, such as mobile phone applications, electronic reading applications and a community website for connecting Christians called Logos employs more than 360 Faithlife Logopeople in the Bellingham area, as well as employing many in their satellite office in Tempe, AZ. Provided with an on-site bike shop, music center, and cafe-grade espresso machines, their employees are known for having fun. This past January Logos was named by Glassdoor as the Best Medium-Sized company to work for.

Support our sponsors Logos and follow them: Facebook | Twitter 

Sounds Spotlight: Rocket Donuts

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Emily Willeman is highlighting proud sponsor Rocket Donuts.

rocketdonutslogoRocket Donuts is a locally-owned bakery with locations in downtown Bellingham and Fairhaven. Out-of-this-world donuts are a huge draw for this one-of-a-kind shop, but Rocket Donuts also offers delicious muffins, cinnamon rolls, hot and fresh coffee, quiches, and more.

Donuts and other foods are handmade daily, so every bite is fresh and delicious. ACME ice cream is also a favorite at Rocket, made with no added air for a thick cream donutswith a rich taste, and is a perfect partner for any pastry Rocket has to offer. Try their
traditional flavors like vanilla bean or locally-grown strawberry or go for fun flavors like banana walnut or “zab” – a custardy-flavored original.

Themed with sci-fi memorabilia from the ‘50s and ‘60s, this fun spot makes visits memorable for families and friends.

Learn more about Rocket Donuts and what they offer on their website and on Facebook.

Sounds Spotlight: Judd & Black

We would not be able to put on Downtown Sounds if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors. Today, our intern Emily Willeman is highlighting proud sponsor Judd & Black.

juddWith six locations around the northwest corner of Washington state, Judd & Black is a go-to appliance store for anyone in the region looking to purchase or fix an appliance. Visit their locations in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Everett and Lynnwood (including an additional liquidation center in Everett).

Judd & Black has been a family-owned and operated business since it began in 1940. With over three generations of experience, Judd & Black is unmatched by any other appliance store in the area.

Thinking about summertime? You might want to check out the grills at Judd & Black. Gas, charcoal and electric grills are all available and ready to help you get your barbecue on!

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